The Legend of the Mystical Inkwell

In The Legend of the Mystical Inkwell, AJ DeLaura explores a new avenue for his writings. His heroine, Paulina De Milliante, a young teenage girl, inherits a magical inkwell and a weather-worn leather journal from her great-grandmother. The inkwell has been in her Sicilian family for five centuries and has been passed down to a fourth-generation female. “You may write about your future. Be wary, for what is written cannot be undone.” With her new powers come major responsibilities.

Paulina and her kitten, Willi Whiskers, enter the strange land of Goloriacum and cannot return home until the biddings of the country’s First Minister are completed. Her story is one of coming of age, of discovering her personal power. New friends and fantastical resources help her overcome obstacles as she seeks to discover her true self.